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ISO S holemaking

ISO S holemakingSurface integrity awareness is crucial when producing critical aerospace engine components. Holemaking is one of the final operations which makes reliability and security important for delivering high-value components. 

Sandvik Coromant offers complete holemaking solutions which will assure confidence to your requirements in ISO S machining.


​Drilling demanding holes

During the drilling process hole size and position have a dramatic effect on secondary operations. CoroDrill® R846 is designed with unique micro-geometry to meet these requirements.

With full accreditation and proven machining in demanding customer sites CoroDrill R846, along with our reconditioning offer, has met with the highest demands.

Read more about CoroDrill R846 here

Drilling demanding holes

​High quality reaming

High tolerance demands, straightness and quality are all essential parts when reaming holes in complex and sophisticated aerospace components.

CoroReamer® 835 is the solution with dedicated geometries for ISO S materials. The differential cutting edge design, as well as optimum coolant distribution, ensures top quality holemaking.

Combine with the tool holder CoroChuck® 930 for maximized result. 

High quality reaming

​Safe tapping

CoroTap® 200 –SD and –SM are optimized for through hole operations in nickel and titanium alloys. The enhanced edge design and material grade reduces axial forces and torque. By using our new tapping tool, you will experience smooth cutting, reduced chipping risk and improved surface quality.

For long tool life and the safest and most precise production, use CoroTap 200 -SD together with the new tool holder CoroChuck® 970.

Safe tapping

​Boring with increased accessibility

Boring small diameters in ISO S requires extreme process security. With the new CoroBore® 824 XS it is now possible to bore small holes even at long overhangs and obtain tight tolerances. The surface finish will be excellent thanks to the possibility to adjust the diameter within microns.

Read more about CoroBore 824 XS here​

Boring with increased accessibility

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