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Turbine disc


Aerospace turbines must withstand extreme temperatures and pressure differences. They are therefore made of advanced material, such as nickel based super alloys (e.g. Inconel 718, Waspalloy and Udimet 720)

Nickel based super alloys are excellent for their high temperature and stress resistance properties. It is important to apply best practice strategies as these materials are demanding to machine.

A complete package of standard tools together with uniquely productive solutions is readily available to deliver stable machining to any turbine disc feature.



Productive seal fin machining

Seal fins, air seals or labyrinth seals as they are also called, are key features for the functionality of gas turbine engines and are commonly found on turbine wheels.

For productive seal fin machining we recommend:

  • Scoop Turning
  • Trochoidal turning​

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Scoop Turning

Patented strategy where a profiling tool enters the material from both side of the feature to be machined. This unique strategy uses safe entry and exit within its methodology, minimizing feed force on the material whilst delivering full chip control throughout the process.

With the application of scoop turning, advanced cutting tools and high precision coolant cycle time reductions of 80% have been realized with more than doubled tool life compared to existing method.



Grade GC1105 – designed for the challenge of super alloy machining

GC1105 provides secure and reliable quality machining, even flank wear and a truly versatile solution for all application areas.

  • Reliability in intermediate stage machining through superior notch wear resistance in combination with good edge line toughness.
  • ​Guaranteed accurate high quality performance in last stage machining provided by our razor sharp, ground inserts and our state of the art thin coating, with excellent adhesion.

Read more about our super alloy solution – GC1105

Precision machining with GC1105

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Ceramic turning

Ceramic grades CC6220 and CC6230 are designed specifically for the challenges of new HRSA materials where whisker ceramics and SiAlONs fall short, capable of higher cutting speeds, contributing to reduced cost per component. For high metal removal rates in pocketing and profiling applications, choose grade CC6160.


The modular SL70 tooling system for seal fin turning

Due to tough material, accessibility and productivity, round inserts offer the best method and are used in both roughing and finishing.

  • CoroTurn SL70 blades are designed to fit the typical profiling and pocketing features
  • The oval coupling offers excellent stability and accessibility
  • All radial and axial clearance requirements are covered in a compact program
  • Multi-task and vertical turning lathe requirements are met with Coromant Capto size C5, C6 and C8
  • Carbide RCMT and CoroCut grades have high pressure coolant as standard
More videos:

CoroTurn SL

CoroTurn SL quick change

CoroTurn SL70


Scallop milling

Our exchangeable-head system with CoroMill® 316 is the economical tool for roughing the scallop feature. CoroMill Plura is an optimised tool to deliver to the finish process for the scallop machining.

Chamfering solutions are offered by both these product families. Inserts are also available in the same system.​

Read more about CoroMill 316

Read more about CoroMill Plura

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CoroCut® angled inserts

Perfectly formed for the difficult to access grooves, 90 degree angled inserts come in a variety of shapes all as standard inserts.

No need for special tools. Blanks even available for dedicated 90, 45 degree and T-profiles.​

Angled inserts for aerospace access


Drilling with low axial forces

The geometry design on CoroDrill®​ 846 solid carbide drills is optimized for HRSA and offers a high number of drilled holes with security and low axial cutting forces.

Read more about CoroDrill R846

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