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Main fitting

Typical landing gear components are main/nose/centre fitting, piston/slider, truck/bogey beam, drag brace and links. The main materials are high alloy steels such as 300M. But there is a trend that these will be produced in titanium alloys such as Ti-5553. The main challenges in the main fitting are deep hole drilling, internal turning and profile milling.


​Deep hole machining

The T-MAX 424.10 has setting possibilities on the diameter with exchangeable cartridges and shims. Close diameter tolerance and high surface finish.

Standard diameter range 65-130 mm, Tailor Made diameter range 130-183.99 mm and wide range of engineered solutions Diameter range 184.00-327.99 mm on request.


​Profile milling

CoroMill® 216 is a robust ball nose end mill perfect for semi-finish profile milling, available cutter dia 10-50 mm. The cutter has inserts with two edges for effective and general contouring and copy milling. Maximum depths of cut up to 44 mm and max feed per tooth up to 0.6 mm.

More information:
Read more about CoroMill 216


​Internal turning

A standard Silent tool boring bar programme up to 250 mm diameter and 14 x dia to length capability is available. This range of tools can produce component features of an extraordinarily high standard.

The serration lock coupling is now equipped with a full range of cutting heads with high pressure coolant capability. The first choice grades are GC4325 for roughing and CB7015 for finishing.

CoroTurn SL70

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CoroMill® 690

Material:  Titanium alloys – Ti5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr
Component:  Engine strut
Coolant:  External
Productivity increase: 40%
Increased tool life:  100%

The competitor achieves 50 minutes in cut and CoroMill 690 achieves 85 minutes in cut. The operator said “The competitor cutter has a tendency to move the component, compared to the new Coromant Long Edge which is much smoother cutting”. 


​Sandvik Coromant

​CM690 Dia 84 - 5 teeth
​R690 - IC 14,5
​21 m/min
​21 m/min
​2 mm/r
​2.8 mm/r
​50-75/20-75 mm
​50-75/20-75 mm
​Tool life:
​50 min
​85 min

CoroMill 690

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