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Pylon bracket

The pylon brackets found on the wing of the aircraft can be of open and closed design. The main challenge for the closed components is the closed angle and the deep slots.

Exchangeable-head milling system

The CoroMill® 316 end mill is the first product in line with the new exchangeable-head milling system. It is designed to work throughout a diameter range of 10-25 mm.

Better levels of productivity, versatility, inventory, quality and tool costs are the main advantages that can be achieved with CoroMill 316. The new concept provides high strength for roughing operations and high rigidity for finishing operations. Now available with solid carbide shank for long-overhang milling features.

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CoroMill 316


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Slot milling



Shoulder milling



Profile milling


When the slot is deep and narrow, side and face cutters provide the best stability and productivity. The cutters can be built into a gang to machine more than one surface in the same plane at the same time.

CoroMill 331 now available with S30T and S40T is an optimized solution with adjustable cartridges.

Titanium milling grade S30T


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​Roughing 3D pockets with closed angles

Closed angles; less than 90 degrees, are a common component feature in pockets and cavities. Depending on the stability of machine set-up, the slicing method using CoroMill® Plura bull nose end mill or the plunging method using CoroMill 390 engineered solution is the best choice.

3D pocket slicing


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More videos

3D pocket plunging 




Finishing 3D pocket with closed angles

A machine with 4 or 5 axes is needed to machine a closed angle. 4 axes: If only one side of the pockets has a closed angle and the bottom shape is flat. 5 axes: if there is a corner with closed angles on both sides and a radius at the bottom profile.

The conical ball nose end mills give the choice for high quality surface finish.


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