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Blisks are becoming more common in the high-pressure compressor area of the engine due to the advantages of weight, efficiency and servicing. 

Key factors to success are:
  • 5 axes machine with good simultaneous dynamics
  • Turbo 5 axes CAM software
  • Optimized tools and process knowledge for titanium/HRSA

Plunge milling

Machining components with slots and pockets is always challenging. With the CoroMill® 316 Gannet plunger geometry available to order off the shelf, manufacturing of small, deep slots and pockets is both time- and cost efficient.

Finishing the blade profile

When the component, tool and CAM software allow, flank milling (high axial depth of cut) is the fastest option to use.​

The stand­ard programme of conical ball nose end mills is specifically de­signed for this operation. They offer excellent stability combined with reach.

Finishing blade


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​The complete modern hole making solution

Drill with CoroDrill® 846

The latest development in solid carbide drill technology with geometry optimized for HRSA offers a high number of drilled holes with security and low axial cutting forces.


Finish bore with Plura end mill

Circular interpolation is a fast and secure method, one tool can finish a wide range of hole diameters reducing tool inventory.


Chamfer with Coromant Capto CoroTurn XS

This tool replaces inflexible special tools and can even be used for all de-burring and not just holes.
Chamfering with CoroTurn XS


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