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Engine mount

The most difficult feature on these engine mounts is the deep slot in the centre. Depending on the conditions, different methods can be used.


CoroDrill 880 is the first choice drill for high productivity and low machining cost per hole with high penetration rate. The drill has been developed for up to 100% higher productivity, closer hole tolerance and improved surface finish. The CoroDrill 880 has four true cutting edges with wiper geometry on the peripheral insert offering better surface finish.

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CoroDrill 880


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CoroChuck™ 930

High-precision hydraulic chuck with high pull-out security and precision.

​Application hints titanium drilling

Short through holes – dia smaller than 12 mm

  • Use CoroDrill® Delta-C, geometry 846 and grade GC1220
  • High pressure coolant recommended where chip forming or chip evacuation problems occur
  • Use CoroChuck™ 930 high performance chucks for maximum stability


Short through holes – dia larger than 12 mm

  • Use CoroDrill 880, geometry LM
  • First choice grades for diameters 12-16.49 mm are GC1044 centre insert, GC4044 periphery
  • For diameters 16.50-63.00 mm the first choice grade is H13A for the periphery insert. For the centre insert H13A should be used if uncoated insers are required. Otherwise GC1044 gives longer tool life
  • High pressure coolant if chip forming or evacuation problems occur CAD


Deep slotting different methods

Solution 1:


If the conditions are stable and the machine has enough power and torque the CoroMill 331 is the ideal choice. This multi-purpose side and face milling cutter has high-precision capability.

​Solution 2:


Light and fast method using the high feed cutter CoroMill 210. High feed cutters are being employed to a great extent on lighter machines for a light and fast approach. Low depth of cut but up to 1.0 mm feed per tooth provides good metal removal rate.


Solution 3:




Plunging is a good solution for weaker set-ups and long overhangs. To maintain a good degree of productivity, it is important to be able to take a reasonable step over. The engineered special plunge tool using the CoroDrill 880 inserts can be a good problem solver.

CoroMill 210


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