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The impellor is found in the APU. The machining of the turbo foils is a similar process for both impellor and blisk.

Key factors to success are:
  • 5 axes machine with good simultaneous dynamics
  • Turbo 5 axes CAM software
  • Optimized tools and process knowledge for titanium/HRSA

Plunge roughing of slot

Machining components with slots and pockets is always challenging. With the CoroMill® 316 Gannet plunger geometry available to order off the shelf, manufacturing of small, deep slots and pockets is both time- and cost efficient.

Roughing slot - titanium

The best method here is point milling. Because we are full slot milling the axial depth of cut is limited to half the diameter of the tool. The CoroMill 316 bull nose exchangeable insert offers a great balance of productivity and economy.

Read more about CoroMill 316


CoroMill 316


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Roughing slot - inconel

Applying trochoidal milling with high speed machining techniques is the best method. Trochoidal milling – 2D roughing/high material removal method using HSM techniques in a confined space or slot – tool is programmedwith a roll entry and exit from cut:

- controlling the arc of engagement

- low cutting forces allowing high depths of cut 

Plura 50 degree relieved shank, bull nose design, is optimized for axial depth of cut twice the diameter and low radial cuts.

Finishing the blade profile

Flank milling (high axial depth of cut) is the fastest option where the component, the CAM software and the tool allow.

The standard programme of conical ball nose end mills is specifically designed for this operation. They offer excellent stability combined with reach.

Finishing blade animation - milling with 5 axis


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​The complete modern hole making solution

Drill with CoroDrill® 846

The latest development in solid carbide drill technology with geometry optimized for HRSA offers a high number of drilled holes with security and low axial cutting forces.

Secure drilling for thin walled components


Finish bore with Plura end mill

Circular interpolation is a fast and secure method, one tool can finish a wide range of hole diameters reducing tool inventory.

Read more about CoroMill Plura end mills


Chamfer with Coromant Capto CoroTurn XS

This tool replaces inflexible special tools and can even be used for all de-burring and not just holes.

Chamfering of holes with CoroTurn XS


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