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Solutions for cost effective and high-quality machining of aerospace Blisk in titanium

Aerospace Blisk in titanium

Blisks are single engine components where the hub and blades are machined from a solid piece of material. On the cold compressor side of the turbine, Blisks are made of titanium, while the hot, combustion side requires heat resistant super alloys.

Key factors to success are:

  • 5-axes machine with good simultaneous dynamics
  • Turbo 5 axes CAM software
  • Optimized tools and process knowledge for HRSA and titanium

Tooling solutions for aerospace Blisks in titanium

CoroMill® 316 - Plunge roughing of slot

Machining components with slots and pockets is always challenging. With the CoroMill® 316 Gannet plunger geometry available to order off the shelf, manufacturing of small, deep slots and pockets is both time- and cost efficient.

Learn more about CoroMill® 316

CoroMill® 316 - Plunge roughing of slot

Finishing the blade profile

When the component, tool and CAM software allow, flank milling (high axial depth of cut) is the fastest option to use.

The standard programme of conical ball nose end mills is specifically designed for this operation. They offer excellent stability combined with reach.

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Drilling with CoroDrill® 860 with -SM geometry

When drilling tough materials such as titanium, many factors need to be taken into account. Process security, repeatability, hole tolerance and quality are critical. Equipped with a robust design, a high-quality edge and a wear-resistant top coating, the CoroDrill® 860 with -SM geometry delivers on these key considerations.

Learn more about the CoroDrill® 860

CoroDrill® 860

Finish bore with CoroMill® Plura end mill

Circular interpolation is a fast and secure method, one tool can finish a wide range of hole diameters reducing tool inventory.

CoroMill® Plura conical end mill

Finish bore with CoroMill Plura end mill

Chamfer with Coromant Capto CoroTurn® XS

This tool replaces inflexible special tools and can even be used for all de-burring and not just holes.

Read more about CoroTurn® XS

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Chamfer with Coromant Capto CoroTurn XS

CoroChuck™ 930

Thanks to its excellent clamping performance this chuck offers the best pull-out security on the market, for excellent stability and accessibility in milling and drilling operations. A solution that doesn’t just helps increase machining safety and precision, but also increases production efficiency through quick and easy tool set-ups and changes. For 100% pull-out prevention, a collet with mechanical locking interface is available for Weldon shanks.

Read more about CoroChuck™ 930

CoroChuck™ 930
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