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B681 – stable and productive roughing cylinder boring

Machining of automotive transmission components

Concept description

B681 is designed and developed for roughing in cylinder boring operations. The solution produces excellent roundness and cylindricity, allowing for a smooth semi finishing operation due to the integrated Silent Tools™ damped adaptors.

Features and benefits

  • Performs roughing operations while retaining the required high level of quality in roundness and cylindricity
  • Provides an excellent foundation for a successful semi finishing operation
  • Silent Tools™ dampening adapters reduce vibration and result in excellent surface quality, roundness and cylindricity
  • Coolant function on the cutting edges
  • Pre-set dimensions
  • Possible to set up the tool without any special device


  • Engine cylinder blocks in cast iron
  • Engine cylinder blocks in aluminium with integrated cast iron liners or sleeves
  • All cylinder liner operations

Cutting data recommendations

vc m/min (ft/min): 350–600 (1148–1968)

ap max mm (inch): 2 (0.0787)

fz mm/z (inch/z): 0.1–0.15 (0.0039–0.0059)

Download of B681 folder

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