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B687 – Stable and productive finishing cylinder boring

B687 – Stable and productive finishing cylinder boring 

Concept description

The B687 cylinder boring bar is designed for productive and stable finishing. The cutter is available in different designs depending on operation. Use the three-cartridge design for reliable performance in under-coolant applications.

Benefits and features

  • Dimension compensation unit:
    • Possible to set up the tool without any special device
    • Easy to handle compared to other solutions where you need to stop the spindle, remove the tool from the machine, cool it down, adjust it and initiate a new hole
    • Pre-set dimensions
    • Directly set at the final diameter in working position - no actuation needed
  • Patented speed control unit
    • No need to stop the spindle during feed-out
    • Reduces cutting time
    • Ensures that no marks are left when the tool leaves the hole
    • No need for special machines
    • No need to switch off the coolant during machining
  • Repeatability within 0,002 mm (0,00079 inch) on the diameter
  • Integrated coolant


  • Optimized for cast iron or aluminum cylinder blocks designed with cast iron liners or sleeves
  • Industry segment: Automotive industry
  • Machines: Unit centre machines and transfer lines

Cutting data recommendations

vc m/min (ft/min) 350–800 (1,148–2,624)

ap mm (inch) 0.1–0.25 (0.0039–0.0098)

fz mm/z (inch/z) 0.1–0.15 (0.0039–0.0059)

Technical information

Insert shape: HCGW 100308 (CBN) full face

Edge line preparation: S01320 + 20 µm ER


  • U6F3 with high CBN content
  • CB20 with lower CBN content than U6F3 

How to use

  • Set up in the tool shop
  • Use coolant pressure between 10 and 15 bars
  • No need to switch off the coolant
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