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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​M5B90 – Super face milling cutter for aluminium

​M5B90 – Super finishing face milling cutter for aluminium 

 Finishing face milling concept developed for automotive aluminium components such as cylinder heads, blocks, housings, covers and all components with a wide material engagement. Designed with a unique axial and radial positioning of the inserts, M5B90 resembles more a rotary broach than a milling tool. It comprises one single custom-made tool containing several standard inserts.

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​​​​​​​​​M5B90 – machining in aluminium cylinder head​​

The unique design allows chips to be cut efficiently, since the minimum stock removal from each insert in burr-free milling, which is often unavoidable with conventional milling cutters. M5B90 prevents uneven tool wear and provides superior /Mediaool life, even at high feed rates.


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Technical animation – see what make the M5B90 so innovative​​

Features and benefits

  • Designed with a unique axial and radial positioning of inserts, which allows M5B90 to instantly cut chips efficiently without any adjustment
  • One wiper insert, ensuring excellent surface quality
  • Cutter body is custom-made to suit your needs, resulting in highly reduced set-up times
  • Low weight cutter body constructed with either a steel body or an aluminium and steel body to meet hard-wearing, yet low weight requirements
  • Superior tool life, which means no costly insert replacement or sending the tool back to the manufacturer for set-up
  • Short cycle times
  • Limited to wide engagement milling operations
  • Suitable for MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) machining


  • Finishing face milling of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, and all aluminium parts within wide cutter engagements (not applicable on thin wall parts)
  • Able to machine up to 1 mm (0.039 inch) depth of cut

Download ordering codes including spare parts

Download M5B90 folder

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​​​See the development from idea to finished product​​​​

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