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Tooling solutions for machining of Connecting rod

Connecting rod 

The connecting rod transfers the linear movement from the pistons to rotate the crankshaft.It is under tremendous stress from the reciprocating load and is stretched and compressed with every rotation., This load increases with the square as the engine speed increases. The big eye is nowadays normally cracked , versus the earlier method of parting off with a milling cutter. If the big eye is cracked, it may be pre-machined with a laser crack that puts high demand on the following boring process.

The manufacturing process of connecting rods has to be precise regarding key tolerances and at the same time cost-efficient.

Besides our extensive offer, Sandvik Coromant also hasve dedicated products and engineered solutions that fully support overtaking the challenges manufacturing these components presents.

Tooling solutions that support the manufacturing of connecting rods:

CoroTap™ 400

CoroTap 400 is a high-speed, chip-free forming tap suitable for both through- and blind-holes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and HRSAs. Versatile and optimized forming taps are available, with and without oil grooves, in an assortment of diameters, grades, coatings and thread forms to suit a range of applications.

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CoroBore® 826 HP - fine boring tool with excellent chip control

CoroBore 826 HP is the first choice for all fine boring operations. With the unique high precision coolant directed to the cutting edge, CoroBore 826 HP ensures excellent chip control and chip evacuation.

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CoroBore® BR – rough boring tools

For optimized boring, general boring, large diameter- and lightweight boring. Damped tools are available to eliminate vibration when machining with long overhangs.

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CoroDrill® 880 indexable drill

CoroDrill 880 with its unique insert geometries and configuration creates a balanced, step-by-step entrance into the workpiece. This reduces cutting forces to less than half of typical insert drills, and virtually eliminates deflection on entry.

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CoroMill​® 327 groove - and thread milling cutters

A versatile cutter which can be used for many types of grooves, threads and chamfers; machining of eccentric components such as gearbox casings, and high volume assemblies.

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* For engineered tooling solutions, please contact your local Sandvik Coromant sales representative.

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