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The asymmetrical, long and relatively slender crankshaft constitutes the heart of any combustion engine, from two wheelers to heavy trucks. It is also one of the most challenging components to machine. The design in combination with high tolerance demands and the challenging machinability of the material – forged steel or nodular cast iron – call for truly optimized tools and methods to succeed.

Solutions and tools for machining of crankshafts

Crankshaft solutions

Dedicated engineered and standard solutions for productive and efficient crankshaft machining.

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CoroDrill® 865 – oil hole drill

Stable drilling of oil holes up to 25 times the cutting diameter. CoroDrill 865 offers high penetration rates, repeatability and process security.

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CoroDrill® 860 - Optimized multi-material drilling solution

CoroDrill® 860 with -GM geometry is a high-performance drilling solution for short holes primarily in ISO P, M, K and H materials. It performs competitively in ISO N and ISO S materials as well. The drill offers robust process security, high hole integrity and excellent tool life

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CoroDrill® 860 - Optimized multi-material drilling solution

CoroChuck™ 930 - high-precision hydraulic chuck with high pull-out security and precision

With the best pull-out security on the market, this chuck is designed to eliminate vibration for excellent stability and accessibility in all milling and drilling operations.

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CoroTurn®​ Prime – all-directional turning

Double the speed and feed rates compared to conventional turning, and with longer tool life.

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