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Transmission component manufacture is a true mass production industry. Just like any other big-volume operation, key goals include security, rapid cycle times and high quality. Low total cost per component is top priority.

Sandvik Coromant offers tools for most transmission components, backed up with in-depth application know-how. The objective here is to share a selection of productive solutions for some of the challenging features in transmission component production.

Steel turning dominates shaft and gear manufacture, so it is here that you can achieve many of the gains you seek. Switching from grinding to hard part turning (HPT) is winning ground and raising productivity accordingly. New super-hard insert grades plus geometries and wiper technology optimized for HPT all make a big contribution to this trend.

Steel turning is also an area amenable to dry machining or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). As lubricant costs and recycling/disposal expenses make wet machining costly, such a move is certainly tempting.

Our turning solutions and application know-how are geared up to help you.

Grades and geometries

As the automotive industry is so streamlined, most machines can run at maximum speeds with good process security thanks to optimized tools. Slender components or components that are difficult to clamp, require extra care to achieve stable conditions, but when you are looking for that final productivity booster, evaluate your choice of grades and geometries.

Cutting speed


Semi finishing


The Sandvik Coromant steel-grade chain covers all operations from roughing to finishing.

With a wide range of grades, it's easy to find your choice of optimized CVD grades, whether you need a really hard grade that resists flank wear or plastic deformation, a tough grade that can handle demanding operations such as interrupted cuts, or a general grade that works excellent in most conditions.

An innovation in hard part turning

For everybody working with transmission and hard part turning, there is a reason to choose our new CB7105 and CB7115 grades.

Adding value in both speed capabilities and more secure edge line and consistent tool life meaning lower cost per component.

Designed to break new ground in hard part turning, the grades achieve efficient and secure machining with excellent surface finish. ​

​Coromant Capto®

Common machining challenges include vibrations due to slender components, close tolerances and high surface demands.

Coromant Capto is a unique tooling concept that reduces set-up and tool change time substantially. In multi-task machines, machining centres with turning capability and CNC lathes, they can be directly integrated in the spindle for paramount stability. The quick change design allows for reduced set-up and tool change time, leading to significantly increased machine utilization.


High precision coolant

Although the trend is to move from wet to dry machining, coolant is sometimes unavoidable. Even though most materials and processes allow for dry machining and Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL), low carbon steel among other material, require the use of high precision coolant to achieve acceptable chip control. CoroTurn HP is designed with fixed nozzles to enable high precision of the coolant supply at the cutting edge of the insert.

The high precision allows for lower coolant pressure and is a direct route to excellent chip breaking, process security and high productivity. To optimize the machine capabilities and further improve tool life and chip formation, coolant delivery and velocity can be fine tuned by changing the nozzle diameter.

The coolant jet has three main effects:
  • To provide cooling of the insert in the contact zone

  • To quickly force the chip away from the insert face, reducing wear on the insert

  • To help break the chip into smaller pieces and evacuate it from the cutting area

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