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Gear wheels

Soft turning and gear milling are performed before the case hardening process, where the challenge is often to acquire close dimensional tolerances. A careful preparation for the hardened stage gives a relatively straight-forward hard part turning operation.​

Hardened stage

In hard-part turning, predictable machining is essential. CBN inserts for finish-turning hardened transmission components meet these demands. Brazed CBN-inserts run the risk of damaging the component with a loose tip and to avoid that risk, we recommend Safe-Lok multicorner inserts with mechanical interlock in addition to brazing, which gives additional strength and security. As an extra bonus, they have four to eight edges instead of just one.

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An innovation in hard part turning

For everybody working with transmission and hard part turning, there is a reason to choose our new CB7105 and CB7115 grades.

Adding value in both speed capabilities and more secure edge line and consistent tool life meaning lower cost per component.

Designed to break new ground in hard part turning, the grades achieve efficient and secure machining with excellent surface finish. ​

Soft stage

The gear wheel is usually forged and the turning operation allows for high cutting data as long as the machining process is secure. To ensure efficient chip breaking and a smooth process, use optimized geometries for the roughing and finishing operations. The wiper insert is a real productivity booster and allows for even higher cutting feeds to reduce the cycle time.


Eight-edged smartness

The eight-edged inserts of CoroTurn® 300 ensure good heat transformation for predictable performance and wear. More edges also means fewer inserts which in turn means better control of the inventory.

CoroTurn® 300

CoroTurn®​ TR

Achieving the right dimensions and tolerances in the soft stage is vital to succeed in the subsequent hard turning stage. Use CoroTurn TR with iLock™ design for stability and resistance towards insert movement. Combine with Coromant Capto® for unmatched stability all the way from the turret to the cutting edge.

Our recommendation is to use grade GC4325 with the latest insert technology, Inveio™ for excellent surfaces, long tool life and high cutting data. The combination of Coromant Capto, CoroTurn TR and grade GC4325 allows for high-precision machining in external, facing and internal operations in the soft stage.


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Choose the right CBN grade
  • CB7105 - for continuous cut, smaller depth of cut and smaller chip loads at high speed
  • CB7115 - continuous to light interrupted cut or larger chip loads at medium to high speed
  • CB7525 - for heavy interrupted cutting



Use Xcel inserts as an optimizer. With a straight cutting edge blending into a wiper, it offers significant gains over standard radius inserts. In the right conditions, Xcel inserts allow for very high feed rates and provide excellent component quality.


Hard parting turning case with 28% increased productivity

Component: Synchronizer ring, 58-60 HRC
Operation: External turning with interrupted cut
Challenge: Shorter cycle time and longer tool life
Solution: CBN insert with optimized edge preparation


 CompetitorSandvik Coromant
ToolsCBN insertCCMW 09T308 S01530AWG GC7025
Cutting time​0.36 min0.29 min
Result35 pcs100 pcs
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