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Gears and splines


Achieving close tolerance gears in the soft stage is a common challenge.

For mass production of gears in the module range 3-10, an indexable insert cutter is a cost-efficient alternative to regrindable high speed steel or solid carbide hobs. For smaller module sizes and smaller production volumes, we recommend disc cutters with full profile inserts and InvoMilling, which is an excellent choice for prototyping.


CoroMill® 176

CoroMill 176 is designed for gears in the module range 3-10. Its ability to reach high cutting speeds combined with user-friendly insert changing will reduce cycle times, making it the high productivity gear milling choice.




If you are looking for really flexible spline milling, disc cutters such as CoroMill® 171.4 and CoroMill 172 are good choices for shorter series. Thanks to the indexable carbide insert design, your component can be machined in flexible non-dedicated machines, such as multi-task machines and machining centres, as well as in hobbing machines.


CoroMill® 171.4 and CoroMill® 172

CoroMill® 171.4 and CoroMill 172 disc cutters offer versatile and timesaving solutions for milling of splines in the module range 0.8-3 (CoroMill® 171.4) and 3-10 (CoroMill 172).



Power skiving

Power skiving is used for productive mass-production of gear teeth and splines. Power skiving makes it possible to machine the complete component in universal 5-axis machines in one single set-up. The machining cycle time is reduced considerably compared to conventional machining methods, such as broaching, shaping and hobbing.

CoroMill® 178 PM-HSS and solid carbide cutters are available in module sizes 0.2–6 (DP 120–4), and CoroMill®​ ​180 indexable insert cutters in module 2–8 (DP 12–3).



InvoMilling is a versatile method for manufacturing gears in modern multitask machines or 5-axis machining centres and opens up new, cost-efficient ways to produce geared components without dedicated hobbing machines.

Since the complete component can now be machined with just one set-up in just one machine, overall production times can be reduced dramatically. With the right tools, you can increase cutting data and lower the cost per machined gear wheel significantly.

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