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The slender shafts require rigid clamping and light-cutting tools to avoid vibration. As with gear wheels, a careful preparation for the hardened stage is a success factor.

​Soft stage turning operations

Grade GC4315 enables high cutting data combined with an impressive tool life. The secret behind it is Inveio, a true innovation where the atoms in the alumina coating are tightly packed towards the cutting edge.

The results are increased insert strength, wear resistance and tool life, which allow for high cutting data parameters. Combine with Coromant Capto® and CoroTurn RC insert clamping for maximum stability to avoid vibration. Optimized geometries for roughing to finishing will provide for paramount chip control.



Chip control

Chip control is a critical aspect in the automotive industry, where the level of automation is high and production sometimes unmanned.

To ensure good chip control avoiding long chips damaging the work piece surface, always choose an insert geometry that is optimized for the specific material and application. You will find a complete range of insert geometries for turning, milling and drilling in the Sandvik Coromant assortment.

An innovation in hard part turning

For everybody working with transmission and hard part turning, there is a reason to choose our new CB7105 and CB7115​ grades.

Adding value in both speed capabilities and more secure edge line and consistent tool life meaning lower cost per component.

Designed to break new ground in hard part turning, the grades achieve efficient and secure machining with excellent surface finish. ​

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Both the centre hole and the oil hole are drilled in the soft stage and the hole quality requirements are usually high.

As the centre hole is deep in relation to the hole diameter, chip evacuation is always a challenge. The solid carbide gun drill CoroDrill 428 generates close tolerances (IT8) and is ideal for large batch size production, thanks to the high process security and high metal removal rate.

CoroDrill 460 is a versatile micro-grained solid carbide drill with a welcome combination of hardness and toughness, high wear resistance and long tool life. High cutting data possibilities and excellent hole quality with minimum burr are some of the benefits.

The consistent tool life also leads to improved machine utilization, less tool changes and high security in unmanned mass production. The drill can be reground up to three times, extending tool life even further.



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Wiper technology 

The wiper geometry design combines a main radius with multiple complimentary radii and blends the result superbly with the chip-breaker geometry. The result is an outstanding cutting performance, and predictable quality allowing for high feed rates.

With wipers, you can actually double the feed with remained surface finish quality compared to a standard nose radius. First choice for maximized productivity is the WMX geometry.


Customer case

Component: Shaft
Challenge: Shorter cycle time and longer tool life
Solution: New insert GC4325 in PM geometry


 CompetitorSandvik Coromant
ToolsP25 gradeDNMG 150608-PM GC4325
Cutting time​0.15 min0.13 min
Result40 pcs224 pcs
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