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Power generation

Steam turbine diaphragm


A steam turbine has moving and fixed blades, the stationary blades are fixed onto the diaphragm.

Read about how the cycle time for turning the outer and inner rings was reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes.


Component solution example (eng)








High-pressure coolant

CoroTurn® HP offer secure trouble-free production. Improved chip control in finishing of all materials and increased cutting speed and tool life in difficult materials.


CoroCut® angled inserts

Perfectly formed for those difficult to access grooves, 90 degree angled inserts come in a variety of shapes all as standard.

No need for special tools. Blanks even available for dedicated 90, 45 degree and T-profiles. 


The modular SL-adapter system

With the flexible SL-system you can build your own optimized product from standard cutting units

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