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Learn how to machine medical components


Expertise for challenging production

Your demands set our standards
Medical is one of the most technically demanding industries in the world. With increasingly difficult to machine materials, exacting specifications and constant time restraints, the manufacture of medical parts has many limitations – but at the same time, production rates are set to increase.

Components and their features
Our goal is to offer complete solutions to typical components, including the physical tool and the processing knowledge. 

Sandvik Coromant offers a large range of advanced tooling and machining solutions for medical devices: hip jointsbone screws, pedicle screwsdental implants and bone plates.

A solution encompassing:
  • spindle interface
  • tool holder suited to accessing the component shape
  • programming methods
  • insert grade and geometry
  • surface integrity – correct parameters to leave the component in the best condition

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Our focus

1) Reducing your non-cutting time – the only time the machine is making money is when the "green light" is on. Here, the adoption of more highly flexible machines, modular tooling systems and high pressure coolant will make a big impact.

2) Optimizing the cutting process - when programming for the first time – even for a prototype – this is the time to implement "best practice" for each component feature.​
The manufacturing challenge


There is a general imbalance between the cost development and what the market is willing to pay. In order to bridge that gap, there is a need to continuously increase efficiency and productivity.

What you can expect from Sandvik Coromant:
  • Higher productivity
  • Better profitability
  • Stepwise approach and close co-operation with you ​


Coromant Capto®

Over 5000 standard Coromant Capto products support typical medical component features.​

Coromant Capto®​   



CoroTurn® HP

The precision nozzles accurately target the correct point on the insert at a low trajectory.

CoroTurn® HP



QS™ holding system

QS high precision combines the quick change capability of the QS holding system with high precision coolant.

QS™ holding system​

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