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Control unit collar

Control unit collar

The control unit collar is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. It houses the mechanism for steering and for measuring the position of the drill string.

Facts and component characteristics

Typical material: Non-magnetic stainless steel, CMC 05.21

Example of dimensions: ≈10 m (33 ft)


Machining process

  • The machining is performed with a deep hole drilling machine tool.
  • The critical operation when machining these components is to maintain a good diametrical tolerance with a high concentricity between the bores and a high surface finish.


Machining challenges – solid drilling and counterboring

  • Safe chip evacuation over the full length of the component, providing
    a secure process with good capability
  • Straightening of hole in component to enable good concentricity for subsequent operations in the counterboring operation

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Machining example - solid drilling

Product: CoroDrill® 801


Customer values

  • Process security
  • Productivity
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Flexibility with large diameter adjustability

Machining example - counterboring

Product: CoroDrill® 818

Customer values

  • Process security
  • Superior hole straightness
  • Wide diameter adjustability
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