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Oil and gas

Oil Country Tubular Goods, OCTG

​​Tubing hanger

The most common term used for components in the oil and gas industry is OCTG. Their purpose can vary: pipes can be used either to produce or inject gas, oil, water, steam, etc. and depending on their application, they can be categorized as casing or tubing. The casing serves as a protective layer which helps maintain the durability of the well against inside or outside contaminants, whereas tubing is used to inject or produce fluids.

Drill pipes and couplings constitute the remaining main components. Drill pipes are heavy seamless tubes that rotate the drill bit and circulate drilling fluid, while couplings are internally threaded cylinders for joining two lengths of threaded pipe.

Main components in OCTG

  • Casings
  • Tubes
  • Couplings
  • Drill pipes

Tooling solutions for the OCTG segment

Sandvik Coromant offers a complete program of tools for all OCTG components. These tooling solutions deliver high productivity in combination with an excellent thread quality particularly when used together with Silent Tools™ damped adaptors.

The assortment consists of a mix of standard tools such as CoroTurn® 107, CoroTurn® TR and T-Max® P, as well as tooling solutions with SL32, SL40 and C8 connections with corresponding Silent Tools™ recommendation. The offer covers most of the applications in the key components for the OCTG segment, everything from pure threading, turning and peeling tools to multipurpose tools such as threading and peeling combination tools.

API chasers and chip breakers for reliable API machining

Chip control and thread quality are critical factors when threading API connections in the oil and gas OCTG segment. API chasers with complementing chip breakers offer secure chip evacuation and improved tool life for reliable API machining.

Threading inserts for API Buttress spec 5B and API Round spec 5B threads. Available in grades GC4325 and P20W for rotary head machines and CNC lathes.

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OCTG API threading ordering information

API Chasers and Chip Breakers  

Peeling inserts for highly productive turn pipe roughing

The peeling insert is used to turn pipe ends before threading to achieve high productivity. The most common inserts are 5/8 inch round and 1 inch positive square (SCMX25 style).

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API Chasers and Chip Breakers  

Reduce vibration with Silent Tools™ unique damping technology

Silent Tools™ damped adaptors especially optimized for OCTG applications have been developed to give you an incomparable experience in regard to high performance with a high-quality result. An additional feature such as coolant hole through the flange is an effective way of keeping the chips away from the thread and cutting zone.

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Silent Tools™  

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