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Milling tools for small part machining


Quick face milling

In small part machining CoroMill® 327 offers productive face milling, making it ideal for long series production. These cutters are also a good choice for grooving and thread milling.
Combine the heads with integrated ER collets for easy handling and quick tool changes in sliding head machines.

CoroMill® 327  


Tooling flexibility

With the modular system Coromant EH you get tooling flexibility and a small inventory. The robust coupling gives great security and enables quick and easy tool changes.
Coromant EH includes a wide assortment of solid carbide heads, indexable milling cutters, boring heads, integrated machine adapters and different shanks.  

Coromant EH



High component quality

CoroMill® Plura includes end mills for many different challenges, for example chip space, stability and component quality.
The broad assortment ranges from micro-sized ball nose cutters and thread mills to regular shoulder and face milling cutters.

CoroMill® Plura


​Find your tools!

Face milling




1. CoroMill® Plura

High feed face milling cutters
Milling cutter diameter: 4–20 mm
(0.157–0.787 inch)

2. CoroMill® 316

High feed face milling cutters
Milling cutter diameter: 10–25 mm
(0.375–1.00 inch)

3. CoroMill® 327

Milling cutter diameter: 9.7–34.7 mm
(0.382–1.366 inch) 

4. CoroMill® 490

Milling cutter diameter: 20–32 mm
(0.75–1.25 inch)



1. CoroMill® Plura

Chamfer angles: 45° and 60°
Convex workpiece chamfer radii 0.5–6.0 mm (0.020–0.236 inch)

2. CoroMill® 316

Chamfer angles: 15°, 30°, 45°, 49° and 60°
Convex workpiece chamfer radii: 1.5–8.0 mm (0.059–0.315 inch)

3. CoroMill® 326

Chamfering of holes, both front and back
Chamfer angle: 45°
Min. hole diameter: 5.8 mm (0.228 inch)

​Slot milling

For thread milling see Threading


1. CoroMill® Plura

Slot width: 0.4–25 mm
(0.016–0.984 inch)

2. CoroMill® 327

Slot width: 0.7–5.15 mm
(0.028–0.203 inch)


ISO N milling with CoroMill Plura

CoroMill® Plura cutters dedicated for ISO N offer a combination of production advantages, for example long tool life at high metal removal rates and good chip evacuation.

More information and assortment 


Not finding your tool?

Sometimes that exact dimension you require might be missing. If so, simply turn to our Tailor Made service.

Tailor Made forms 


Acetabular cup

CoroMill® 216 is a good choice for machining of acetabular cups for the medical industry.

Read about the full solution


High feed side milling

Make chips fly at super speed with CoroMill® Plura cutters with unequal helix angle, designed to reduce vibration in high feed side milling operations.

Read more


Tool kits for MAS-BT30

Make the best out of your new machine by acquiring a start-up tool kit to ensure that your machine starts making money for you instantly.  

Start-up tool kits


Exchangeable milling heads

The exchangeable heads are a cost-efficient alternative to solid carbide end mills. The same holder fits many different head styles, offering flexibility in a variety of milling operations.

CoroMill® 316


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