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Parting and grooving tools for small part machining

Stable and efficient machining 

With a wide range of dedicated geometries and grades for all material groups CoroCut® 1-2 is the first choice system for parting and grooving.

CoroCut® 1-2

High precision components

CoroCut XS inserts offer low cutting forces thanks to the extremely sharp cutting edges. This means, at low feeds CoroCut XS is excellent for producing high precision components with close tolerances. As a bonus, all inserts fit the same tool holder keeping the tool inventory small.

CoroCut® XS



High quality holes

This precision ground tool is perfect when producing small holes with high quality. The large variety of adapters fit most types of sliding head machines.

CoroTurn® XS


​Find your tools

External grooving


1. CoroCut® XS

Max. cutting depth: 1.3–3.7 mm
(0.05–0.15 inch)
Cutting width: 0.5–2.5 mm
(0.02–0.098 inch)

2. CoroCut® 3

Max. cutting depth: 3–6 mm
Cutting width: 0.5–3.18 mm
(0.02–0.12 inch) 

3. CoroCut® 1-2

Max. cutting depth: 6–16 mm
(0.24–0.63 inch)
Cutting width: 1.5–3 mm
(0.06–0.13 inch)

4. CoroCut® QD

Max. cutting depth: >16 mm
(0.63 inch)
Cutting width: 1.5-3 mm
(0.059-0.12 ) 

​Internal grooving


1. CoroTurn® XS

Max. cutting depth: 2.5 mm
(0.100 inch)
Cutting width: ≥0.78 mm
(0.031 inch)
Min. hole diameter: 4.2 mm
(0.165 inch)

2. CoroCut® MB

Max. cutting depth: 8 mm
(0.315 inch)
Cutting width: ≥0.73 mm
(0.029 inch)
Min. hole diameter: 10 mm
(0.394 inch)

​Face grooving


1. CoroTurn® XS

Min. groove diameter: 6 mm
(0.24 inch)
Max. cutting depth: 2–30 mm
(0.08–1.18 inch)
Cutting width: 1–5 mm
(0.04–0.2 inch)

2. CoroCut® MB

Min. groove diameter: 12 m
(0.47 inch)
Max. cutting depth: 1.5–10 mm
(0.06–0.394 inch)
Cutting width: 1–4 mm 
(0.04–1.57 inch)

​Parting off


1. CoroCut® XS

Diameter: <8 mm (0.315 inch)
Cutting width ≥0.7 mm (0.03 inch)

2. CoroCut® 3

Diameter: 6–12 mm
(0.24–0.5 inch)
Cutting width ≥1 mm (0.04 inch)

3. CoroCut® 1-2

Diameter: 6–32 mm
(0.24–1.25 inch)
Cutting width: ≥1.5 mm
(0.06 inch) 

4. CoroCut® QD

Diameter: ≥20 mm (0.79 inch)
Cutting width ≥1.5 mm (0.059 inch)  


Not finding your tool?

Sometimes that exact dimension you require might be missing. If so, simply turn to our Tailor Made service.

Tailor Made


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Get more out of your sliding head machine

This quick change system of tool holders, stops and wedges is designed to maximize effective production time in sliding head machines.

QS™ holding systems


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Internal machining with high precision

The sharp cutting edges of CoroCut® MB are perfect for internal machining with high quality demands at low feed and speed. Combine with EasyFix™ for easy insert indexing

CoroCut® MB

Material savings in mass production

This system offers precision grooving down to the smallest widths. The inserts have three edges and they all fit the same holder, making CoroCut® 3 a flexible and cost-efficient solution.

CoroCut® 3

Need an insert recommendation?

Find our recommended insert geometries and grades depending on type of operation, machining conditions and material of the component to machine.

Our first choice inserts for parting

Successful parting off

Want pip free parting off a bar? Need to part of tube and avoid burr on the surface?

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