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Turning tools for small part machining


​Excellent surface finish

When turning internally or machining slender components, you can rely on the super sharp cutting edges of CoroTurn® 107. With a broad range of inserts CoroTurn® 107 is the first choice for small part turning, combining low cutting forces with high precision coolant.

CoroTurn® 107




Unmatched tolerances at high cutting data

CoroTurn® TR provides stable machining in demanding operations. The stable and secure insert clamping reduces set-up times and allows for increased cutting data, perfect when working with mass production!

CoroTurn® TR



​High quality holes

This precision ground tool is perfect when producing small holes with high quality. The large variety of adaptors fit most types of sliding head machines. The tools are designed for exact insert location which enables high precision and repeatability.

CoroTurn® XS


​Find your tools!

External turning


1. CoroTurn® 107

Turning, profiling
Ø 6–32 mm (0.236–1.260 inch)

2. CoroCut® XS

Turning, profiling, back-turning
Ø1–8 mm (0.040–0.315 inch)
Corner radius from 0.03 mm (0.001 inch)

​Internal turning





For thread turning see Threading.


1. CoroTurn® XS

Turning, profiling, back boring, pre-parting
Min. hole diameter: 0.3 mm (0.012 inch)

2. CoroTurn® 107

Turning, profiling
Min. hole diameter: 6 mm (0.236 inch)

3. CoroCut® MB

Turning, profiling, back boring
Min. hole diameter: 10 mm (0.394 inch)


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Get more out of your sliding head machine

This quick change system of tool holders, stops and wedges is designed to maximize effective production time in sliding head machines.

QS holding system


The secret lies in the nozzles

CoroTurn® HP’s fixed, pre-directed high precision nozzles create parallel laminar jets of coolant with high velocity, directed at the right place of the insert edge.

CoroTurn HP


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Turning with VCEX inserts

VCEX inserts give you sharp edges for excellent cutting action when turning and back-turning.

View the assortment


GC1105 - razor sharp!

For precision, accuracy and a high quality surfaces when turning stainless steels or HRSA.

Turning in HRSA


The productivity booster - Wiper

With wiper inserts you get improved surface finish with standard cutting data or maintained surface finish at substaintially higher feed rate.

About Wiper


Tool up your sliding head machine!

Choose from 28 different kits, depending on your machine type, size, and operation.

Start-up tool kits for new machines


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