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Wind power


​Best practice machining of wind power components

Tool and method advances for efficient manufacturing

Manufacturing parts for the wind-power industry is an opportunity area for many suppliers of machined components. The industry is growing, has a bright future and many parts are machining intensive. But as with all potential business areas, competitiveness also becomes a growth factor. Incorporating best practice with continuous improvements in manufacturing
makes one of the most important competitive differences.

These articles aim at pointing out a number of developments
that provide best practice in machining most of the typical wind power components. 


How have tools developed to provide advantages?

And what does it mean for manufacturing wind power components?

Components for wind power equipment are very varied in size, design, material and what needs to be machined. This means that they stand to gain broadly from the regular developments that are made to cutting tools and machining methods. Status quo for too many years, not taking advantage of available new concepts that lead to continuous improvements, means a measurable drop in competitiveness. Here are a couple of examples.

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