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Wind power

Customer case - Connecting ring

A European family owned company produce flanges, mainly for wind towers. Their customers are OEMs, both for the home market and for export. The demand is always higher than the supply and there is a constant search for higher productivity. The Sandvik Coromant technical specialist Andres got the chance to investigate the productivity potential for making the holes.

“We have an agreement with a Sandvik Coromant competitor for the turning operation, but were willing to give Sandvik Coromant a chance to help us with the hole making, as we had vibrations problems with the existing method”, says the owner.

The machine is drilling with two spindles at the same time, which works fine with CoroDrill® 880. The holes are 45 mm in diameter and the ring has a 4 meter diameter. By replacing the existing solution with CoroDrill 880, the vibrations decreased and at the same time, the productivity increase was substantial.

“Since we produce 4,000 pieces a year of this kind of rings and each ring has 70 holes, the new solution showed considerable savings, both with regards of time and money. We are very satisfied with the Sandvik Coromant solution”, he continues.

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​General information

Component: Connecting ring (4 meters dia)
Material: Low carbon steel, ST-52
Type: Machining centre 50/5000
Spindle: Vertical
Spindle interface: ISO50
Coolant: Internal Coolant
Production rate: 240,000 holes per year/4,000 pieces per year of this ring
Competitor​ Sandvik Coromant​
Tool​ SD502​ 880-D4500L50-04​
Spindle speed (n)​ 1,768 rev/min​ 2,264 rev/min​
Cutting speed (vc)​ 250 m/min​ 320 m/min​
Feed rate (fn)​ 0.1 mm/rev​ 0.12 mm/rev​
Cycle time/piece​ 53.61 min​ 34.9 min​
Tool life​ 1,608 min​ 1,396 min​
Reason for stopping​ Vibrations​ Tool wear​


Result: More productivity

Yearly savings: €100,156

Time savings: 1,253 hours

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