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Wind power

What's behind the power of wind?

Regardless of which components you are producing for the wind power industry, productivity is key. The demand is growing rapidly which puts pressure on higher machine utilization, but there is also a need for modern machining; to get the highest out-put every minute, every day.

Total component solutions is our perspective and we aim to be your partner for all operations.

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​Component solution planetary wheel

By using indexable carbide hobbing tools and proven application knowledge, you can increase your total machining economy!


Tool and method advances for efficient manufacturing

Best practice machining of wind power components

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Coromant Capto® system

The modular system for best precision and stability. Equally effective in turning, milling, drilling and boring.

The same cutting units and adaptors can be used in different applications and machines.

Coromant Capto

Vibration free machining

In a vibration sensitive application, considerable productivity improvements can be achieved by using Silent Tools.

The vibration energy is absorbed into the dampened bar, resulting in minimized vibration and cutting data can be increased substantially.

Silent Tools

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