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Wind power

Gearbox housing



The complex shape of the housing makes fixturing difficult and vibration can be an issue.


A combination of Coromant Capto® and Silent Tools® dampened adaptors, is a superior productivity solution. Coromant Capto for its stability and Silent Tools to avoid vibration.


Best practice







1. Boring

As a complete solution of boring tools, CoroBore XL enables both fine- and rough boring to be completed with high productivity. The system gives more rigid and reliable performance in larger bores, and is designed to generate the required hole quality and diameter, time and again.

2. Back facing

Machining inside the housing can be difficult and time consuming. A cost efficient solution is back facing with high precision CoroMill® 331.

3. Face milling

With its light cutting action, eight cutting edges and shims to protect the cutter body CoroMill® 345 is excellent for every operation - from rough milling of cast surfaces to mirror finishing in vibration sensitive components. 

4. Drilling

Just by exchanging a conventional drill with a CoroDrill® 880, you can double the number of drilled holes in the same amount of time. Its step technology gives outstanding cutting force balance, providing significant improvements in productivity as well as hole quality. This, in combination with high performance grades makes it outstanding when it comes to rapid hole making.

5. Thread milling

These tools are an excellent alternative for tapped holes, giving lower power consumption, good chip control and when you need a greater flexibility with diameter and pitch range. 

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