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Gearbox planetary carrier





The planetary carrier can be machined in different ways, depending on your machine and machining strategy. Where one customer uses turning for metal removal, another prefers milling.


Let’s start from your turning situation and peak productivity from there. Here are a few ideas for the turning operations on the planetary carrier.


Best practice




1. Turning of nodular cast iron

T-MAX® P is our first choice for productive turning of nodular cast iron, where wear resistance is key. Metal removal at high cutting data under dry conditions is made possible with the combination of a hard substrate and a wear resistant coating.

2. ​Fine boring

Use CoroBore® 825 for the finishing operation. With precision in focus, it is versatile and easy to use with micrometrical adjustments.

CoroBore® 825

3. ​Helical interpolation

Helical interpolation is a flexible three-axis ramping technique. With CoroMill® 390 it becomes a truly efficient rough boring alternative.

CoroMill® 390

4. ​Back facing

Machining inside the planetary carrier can be difficult and time consuming. A cost efficient solution is back facing with high precision CoroMill® 331.

CoroMill® 331

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