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Wind power

Gearbox ring gear



Turbine blades rotate at 10-30 revolutions per minute, but the speed entering the generator is one hundred times higher. One of the answers to that equation is the ring gear. The forged steel ring gear embraces the planetary wheels, allowing them to transform low incoming speed to high outgoing speed.

1. Gear cutting

Indexable two-edge power skiving cutters for gear and spline production with high output.

CoroMill® 180

2. Drilling

Up to 5 x D

Just by exchanging a conventional drill with a CoroDrill® 880, you can double the number of drilled holes in the same amount of time. Its step technology gives outstanding cutting force balance, providing significant improvements in productivity as well as hole quality. 

This, in combination with high performance grades makes it outstanding when it comes to rapid hole-making.


3. Turning


The T-MAX® P concept geometries are carefully designed for perfect chip breaking. Metal removal at high feed and in dry conditions is made possible with state-of-the-art grades for your application.

T-MAX® P inserts

2. Drilling

Up to 12 x D

The CoroDrill® 805 makes it possible to drill deep holes which can be completed in one set-up. Performed with high productivity and reliability achieving a hole quality comparable with traditional deep hole drilling.

3. Turning


Try the productivity booster WMX wiper for the finishing operation, where tolerances and surface finish are crucial.

WMX Wiper

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