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Wind power

Gearbox torque

The torque is made of nodular cast iron and has the important job of fixing the gearbox to the platform, preventing it from rotating with the main shaft and rotor. The large flat shape makes it challenging to clamp without getting vibrations when machining.

Best practice

1. Boring

Use CoroBore® 825 for the finishing operation. With precision in focus, it is versatile and easy to use with micrometrical adjustments.

2. Face and shoulder milling

CoroMill® 490 is the versatile face and shoulder milling tool that will cut tool costs and inventories whilst offering higher precision and tighter tolerances.

3. Helical interpolation

Helical interpolation is a flexible three-axis ramping technique. With CoroMill® 390 it becomes a truly efficient rough boring alternative.

4. Drilling

Just by exchanging a conventional drill with a CoroDrill® 880, you can double the number of drilled holes in the same amount of time. Its step technology gives outstanding cutting force balance, providing significant improvements in productivity as well as hole quality. This, in combination with high performance grades makes it outstanding when it comes to rapid hole making.

5. Face milling

With its light cutting action, eight cutting edges and shims to protect the cutter body CoroMill® 345 is excellent for every operation - from rough milling of cast surfaces to mirror finishing in vibration sensitive components.
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