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The complex shape of the hub makes fixturing difficult and vibration can be an issue.

A combination of Coromant Capto® and Silent Tools® dampened adaptors, is a superior productivity solution. Coromant Capto for its stability and Silent Tools to avoid vibration.








1. Face milling 

With its light cutting action, eight cutting edges and shims to protect the cutter body CoroMill® 345 is excellent for every operation - from rough milling of cast surfaces to mirror finishing. 

CoroMill® 345


2. Step and chamfer drilling

With a tailor made CoroDrill® 880 step and chamfer drill, two machining sequences are made in one with immediate results in machining time and production cost.

3. Contouring

To rough out the bore the CoroMill® 390 long edge is an excellent choice with high metal removal rate, light cutting and low vibration tendency.

CoroMill® 390

4. Back facing

Machining inside the hub can be difficult and time consuming. A cost efficient solution is back facing with high precision CoroMill® 331.

CoroMill® 331

5. Fine boring

Use CoroBore® 825 for the finishing operation. With precision in focus, it is versatile and easy to use with micrometrical adjustments.

CoroBore® 825

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