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Wind power

Main shaft

There are tons of material to remove for the main shafts and highly productive turning solutions generate substantial improvements. From a machining point of view, the forged surface demands inserts with secure performance and high temperature resistance due to the long contact times.

Manufacturing deep and precise holes is always a technical challenge, where we are proud to help out. Through 50 years of deep-hole drilling experience, you can feel assured that our tools will do the job. Furthermore, our technical specialists will be there to assist you with solutions.




1. Drilling

Just by exchanging a conventional drill with a CoroDrill® 880, you can double the number of drilled holes in the same amount of time.

Its step technology gives outstanding cutting force balance, providing significant improvements in productivity as well as hole quality.

This, in combination with high performance grades makes it outstanding when it comes to rapid hole making.


2. Turning, from forged skin to close tolerances

Maximize the chip removal rate with the Sandvik Coromant heavy-duty turning solution.

Try our productivity booster WMX wiper for the finishing operation, where tolerances and surface finish are crucial.

3. Deep hole drilling

CoroDrill® 800 and T-Max® are indexable drills for perfectly straight holes and surface finish.

This is the most productive solution for deep holes tailor made for your diameters.

CoroDrill® 800

Wiper technology

The ingenious design of the Sandvik Coromant wiper makes multiple feed rates possible with maintained surface quality.
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