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General turning

Turning tool set-up

Turning tool set-up

Good quality in turning is mainly dependent on the tool system and how it is used together with the cutting material.


For an optimal turning tool set-up, use a tool holder with as short overhang as possible to avoid vibration. We recommend to use a sub-spindle or tailstock for support if available.

When machining with long overhangs, it is especially important to mount the bar correctly to ensure enough clamping contact. Recommended clamping length is 4 × bar diameter (D). This will result in a stable tool set-up.

Cylindrical boring bars and adaptors can be clamped in split sleeves. Large boring bars and adaptors can be clamped using two split bearing caps.

Tool assembled with split sleeve

Tool fixed in two split bearing caps

Max tool overhang

Bar typeTurningGroovingThreading
​Steel boring bars4 x BD​​3 x BD​3 x BD
​Carbide boring bars​6 x BD​5 x BD​5 x BD
​Steel damped boring bars
7 x BD
10 x BD​
5 x BD*​5 x BD*​
​Carbide reinforced damped boring bars
14 x BD7 x BD​7 x BD
​*570-4C bars

For best performance of the boring bar, the contact, design, and dimensional tolerance between tool and tool holder are important factors. The best stability is obtained with a holder that completely encases the bar. V-type bar holder and cylindrical holder with screws are not recommended.

Holder that completely encases the bar

V-type bar holder

Cylindrical holder with screws

Tool holding

Coromant Capto® is a modular quick change tooling concept which when directly integrated in the spindle increases stability and versatility in, for example, multi-task machines, machining centres with turning capability and vertical lathes.


Silent Tools™ adaptors are designed to minimize vibration through a dampener inside the tool. The majority of Silent Tools™ customers’ use these tools for long overhangs. However, even with shorter overhangs (3 x D), large productivity increases and surface quality improvements are to be gained.


EasyFix sleeves are a set-up time reducing solution for cylindrical adaptors. A spring plunger mounted in the sleeve clicks into a groove in the bar to guarantee the correct centre height. EasyFix sleeves are designed for high coolant pressure.


The QS™ holding system is a quick change tool holder to maximize effective production time in sliding head machines. Use QS™ with high pressure coolant for problem-free production and improved component quality. Available in most turning styled holders.

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