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ISO N Non-ferrous materials


  • This group contains non-ferrous, soft metals with hardnesses under 130 HB, except for high strength bronzes (>225HB)
  • Aluminium (Al) alloys comprising less than 12-13% silicon (Si) represent the largest part
  • MMC: Metal Matrix Composite: Al + SiC (20-30%)
  • Magnesium based alloys
  • Copper, electrolytic copper with 99.95% Cu
  • Bronze: Copper with Tin (Sn) (10-14%) and/or aluminium (3-10%)
  • Brass: Copper (60-85%) with Zinc (Zn) (40-15%)


Machinability of aluminium

  • Long-chipping material
  • Relatively easy chip control, if alloyed
  • Pure Al is sticky and requires sharp cutting edges and high vc
  • Specific cutting force: 350–700 N/mm²
  • Cutting forces, and thus the power required to machine them, are low.
  • The material can be machined with fine-grained, uncoated carbide grades when the Si-content is below 7-8%, and with PCDtipped grades for Aluminium with higher Si-content.
  • Over eutectic Al with higher Si-content > 12% is very abrasive.


Common components

Engine block, cylinder head, transmission housings, casings, aerospace
frame components.


MC codes for N-materials


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