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Parting and grooving

Do it yourself: how to grind parting and grooving tools


Straight blanks for grinding parting tools are available in 9 widths from 2.3–11.6 mm (0.091–0.457 inch). These blanks have flat tops which allow grinding of many different shapes.

90° blanks in R/L versions are also available, mainly for use in the aerospace industry.


Tool holder

When grinding, a standard tool holder is a suitable fixture, and recommended setting angles for the grinding wheel are shown below.


Grinding wheel properties

  • Grain size: US Mesh 170-240 (75–55 mm)
  • Binder: Metal
  • Concentration: 75–100 abrasive volume

Solutions for different products and applications can be made, see the example below.


Recommended setting angles for the grinding wheel
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