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Parting and grooving

Successful chip c​ontrol in parting and grooving

Successful chip control in parting and grooving

Good chip evacuation is achieved by improving chip formation. Poor chip formation is signaled by excessively long chips. These may cause chip jamming, resulting in poor surface finish and tool breakage, especially when grooving inside small holes.


Problems with poor chip formation may be caused by:

  • Difficult workpiece materials
  • Wrong geometry
  • Wrong cutting data
Good chip formation
Poor chip formation


One way to improve chip evacuation is to mount the tool upside down. To prolong tool life and achieve chip-breaking in long-chipping materials such as titanium alloys, we recommend a tool with precision coolant is installed in the machine. Dwelling (micro stops) or pecking can be used to break the chip in long-chipping materials. However, this method will reduce tool life.​

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