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Thread whirling

Thread whirling

Thread whirling is similar to a thread milling process, the difference is that the inserts are mounted on the inside of a cutting ring rather than outside of a milling tool. The thread whirling ring rotates around a cylindrical component to cut the thread in one pass. Thread whirling is a productive method and is often used for special thread forms that needs to be produced quickly and at high tolerances. Typical components are medical bone screws, implants, feed screws, worm gears and other micro-components.

Thread whirling benefits

  • Possible to machine high-quality threads on long and slender components, without the risk of bending and vibrations
  • Single-pass threading from stock diameter reduces cycle time and increases productivity
  • Accurate threads produced by tilting the whirling ring to the helix angle
  • Good chip control enables a more continuous and productive machining
  • Finishing treatment is not required
  • Deep thread forms, such as Acme, can be achieved easily

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