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Coromant Capto spindle

​The mix of static and rotating tools requires the broadest spindle capability combining the requirements of a traditional machining center and a lathe. The coupling needs to provide:

  • High bending stiffness – withstand cutting forces applied to longer tools
  • Torque transmission – withstand large radial offset for turning operations
  • Accurate tool center position – to provide repeatability and secure production

Coromant Capto was developed to fulfill two combined functions which in turn made it perfect for use as the Multi-Task spindle interface: 

  • Modularity for rotating applications
  • Turning interface

The result was a tapered polygon with face contact. The strong coupling cross section provides room for segment clamping with the highest clamping force capabilities providing unrivalled bending stiffness, torque transmission and center position accuracy.

These attributes set it apart from other interfaces which were only ever intended as interfaces for rotating applications. To ensure consistency the tapered polygon was registered as an ISO standard in 2008 (ISO26623).

Coromant Capto is the most common interface for multi-task machines. The large component and machine size range has lead to Coromant Capto spindles being employed through the entire span – C3 (32 mm flange dia) up to C10 (100 mm flange dia) and there is a broad product assortment covering all operations for each size.





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