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Sandvik Coromant Academy


​The e-learning is di​​​vided ​into nine chapters and 75 short courses. It covers theory and application within the following areas:

The Metal Cutting Technology e-learning assessment test will test your skills in metal cutting. The test consists of 50 questions about terms and definitions and how to apply tools and takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. On completion of the test, the result screen will give you a total score and a score per application area. Use your score as guidance for which area to start focusing on.

Select what chapters to study. For those who master the course in its entirety, we offer a certificate of completion. Count on a total of two to three days to complete the entire e-learning.​

If this is your first session, we suggest that you start by watching the introduction film. The knowledge test becomes available as soon as you finish all courses in a chapter. Log in or re​gister to start th​​e training.​​

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