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Reduced turning time

Technology 2019-08-29 Ben Hargreaves Stefan Estassy

CoroPlus® ToolPath software for PrimeTurning™ reduces design and planning time and protects tools against breakage. Programming using the new software is even overcoming a generational skills gap.

​A reduction in design and planning time and the ability to select the correct feeds and speeds for turning operations are among the big benefits of Sandvik Coromant’s new CoroPlus ToolPath software for PrimeTurning.

Customers using Sandvik Coromant’s PrimeTurning concept currently enjoy optimized cutting-force directions and higher metal-removal rates in a system that enables entry into the component from the chuck and works backwards. Thanks to the free direction of feed movement, the tool can have a very small entering angle with significant productivity benefits. However, correct programming is essential in achieving these benefits.

Now, CoroPlus ToolPath software is helping machinists avoid incorrect tool angles, positioning mistakes and unsuitable speeds, which can result in a broken tool when carrying out PrimeTurning. The software generates the correct NC code for a specific entry into the material and controls chip thickness, making chip thickness consistent.

Writing PrimeTurning-compatible code can be a time-consuming task, particularly without advanced programming support. A single turning operation can take several hours with conventional programming methods.

“This new software will help to reduce the time taken for design and planning and the process itself,” explains Marko Stugbäck, software manager for Sandvik Coromant’s digital machining business team. “Even for a machinist very skilled in NC programming, it can take 40 minutes to prepare a part for PrimeTurning. Using the software as support, it takes five minutes. There is a significant reduction of time, thanks to the software’s functionality.”
CoroPlus ToolPath, which has been developed in-house by Sandvik Coromant, also supports insert design considerations linked with the two different insert types available for PrimeTurning: the A-type for light roughing, finishing and profiling, and the B-type for finishing and roughing. Possible tool angles and cutting depths vary, depending on the operation and the insert type, and this must be accounted for when programming the tool paths.

CoroPlus ToolPath is even helping to bridge a generational skills gap. “Machinists who have been around for 40 years know what speeds and feeds to use in different materials, but that’s not always clear to the younger generation,” says Stugbäck. “They might have to look through a catalogue. CoroPlus ToolPath selects the right speed and feed automatically.”

The cloud-based software will be developed further in response to feedback from users. “We’ll be adding functionality,” says Stugbäck. “One area we’re currently looking at is the addition of threading functionality, for example.”

Turning took a giant leap forward with Sandvik Coromant’s development of the PrimeTurning concept. With the introduction of the CoroPlus ToolPath, the software is giving machinists the opportunity to exploit the technology to its full potential.



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