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CoroPlus® Machining Guide - Beta release limitations


Version: 0.2
  • Solution is mainly tested for Chrome web browser, Firefox is possible to use but not same user experience
  • Generating plans can be time consuming (up to 30 minutes). Main work is done when progress bar is at 37 %, so it can feel like you're stuck there.
  • Application is only available in English

​​Own Cutting Data Component: 
  • ​Potential performance issue if more than 10 milling tools are defined (excluding milling tools defined only for face milling operations).

Finishing operations: 
  • Hole finishing:
    • ​​Not possible to specify a hole to get reamers and fine boring tools

Hole making: 
  • Not all holes are recognized and will not get a hole making operation
  • Selecting direction for a through hole is under construction
  • Random order of hole making operations 

Customized plan:
  • Ongoing work for update and re-calculation of cutting time and cutting data parameters 
  • ​Currently no limitation what strategies (machining operations) possible to edit for an operation and tool

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