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Registry operator website for the .sandvikcoromant top-level domain

​​Registry operator​​ website for the .sandvikcoromant top-level domain​

This is the official registry website ​​of th​​​e .sandvikcoromant top-level domain name. Sandvik Coromant is the ICANN approved registry operator of the .sandvikcoromant top-level domain.



The .sandvikcoromant top-level domain follows a single-registrant model, wherein all registrations within the space are held by Sandvik Coromant.


WHOIS search

Following the launch of the .sandvikcoromant top-level domain, all interested parties can request information about registered .sandvikcoromant domains to find out if a domain is available for registration or who is the holder of a registered domain by using a WHOIS query.



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