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CoroMill® 600

Versatile round-insert profile milling cutter

High-performance cutter for many applications

​​Round insert concept with positive axial angle. The positive and optimized cutting action is particularly suitable for heat-resistant materials.

Secure machining  with the iLock™ interface

The unique iLock™ solution provides easy and accurate insert indexing, increased reliability and considerably improved tool life.​​

Extra-close pitch

Extra-close pitch for a higher metal removal rate and improved productivity.​

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  • ​​​​​​Insert geometry minimizes heat in the cutting zone and reduces power consumption
  • ​Easy and accurate insert indexing – no need to remove screw to index the insert
  • Able to run at higher cutting speeds without vibration
  • Through coolant

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  • Profile milling
  • Roughing to semi-finishing
  • Ramping capacity
  • Diameter: 25-100 mm (1-2.5 inch)
  • Aerospace, energy, general engineering applications
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Tool diameter range

IC Unit Cylindrical shank Arbor Coromant Capto®


Aerospace component solutions

Sandvik Coromant has an outstanding offer in total component solutions for the aerospace industry.

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CoroMill® 600 film

Learn more about the CoroMill® 600 round insert cutter.

Taking blade machining to a new level

Manufacturing blades for steam and gas turbines can be a particularly demanding process. Learn about our innovative tooling solution for this complex component.

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