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Customized Solutions


Advanced Engineered reamers

For when Tailor Made does not meet the demands of your specific component feature, we offer Advanced Engineered reamers. Based on our expertise, and with your cooperation, we can engineer, design and manufacture a bespoke product suited to your most complex application needs.

Read more information about our offer below or contact us directly.


Coolant exactly where you need it

​Multi-coolant hole exit and custom hole placement allows for precise lubrication, offering longer tool life and superior chip control.

Machine versatility

​Advanced engineered drills can be designed to work with CNC multi axis, CNC gantry, robot, ADU, and hand-held machines.

Multiple steps

​Does your component have multiple steps, seat angles or a chamfer? Advanced Engineered tools allow you to build exactly what you need.

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Customized features

  • Integrated shanks for direct tool mounts and increased stability
  • Right-, straight-, and left-hand helix to control chip evacuation for specific applications
  • MQL (minimum quantity lubricant) machining reduces operating costs
  • Grade options: WC, PVD, CVD, PCD
  • Patented Precorp® vein process technology

Product range

DC (diameters)

3mm – 32mm

OAL (overall length)

​70mm – 310mm

LU (usable length)

​Depends on geometry


​HA, HE, RR, SS, THA and customer defined

Drill type

​Type 1–6


​Y or N

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