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Customized Solutions


Advanced Engineered taps

For when Tailor Made does not meet the demands of your specific component feature, we offer Advanced Engineered taps. Based on our expertise, and with your cooperation, we can engineer, design and manufacture a bespoke product suited to your most complex application needs.

Read more information about our offer below or contact us directly.


Optimized for specific applications

​Chip breaking geometries are customized to meet tolerances required for automotive component features.

Green light machining

​Advanced engineered taps are designed to work with CNC  machines. Specific tap geometries can also achieve green  light machining in automation manufacturing.

Superior process security

​Micro geometry changes are made to optimize taps for a specific application for maximum productivity.  Here you can see the significant impact of such a seemingly small alteration.

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Customized features

  • Grade options for hard-to-machine materials
  • Tools designed for long reach applications
  • Additional number of flute options

Product range

DC (diameters)

​M3 – M64

OAL (overall length)

​42MM – 400MM

Number of flutes

​2 – 5


​4H – 7GX
2B – 3BX

Chamfer Type

​A – F


​None, Axial, Radial

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