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Deep hole machining drills

Deep hole machining is a method of producing holes with relatively large depth to diameter ratio. It is a great solution for applications that require high material removal rates and accuracy. It can also be used for shorter holes if high productivity is required. Find your range of deep hole machining drills and solutions for STS and Ejector systems here.

How to get the best machining results

Knowledge through e-learning

Want to know how to improve productivity and use your tools properly? Learn the fundamentals of metal cutting by using our e-learning programme.

Application overview

In this section you can get a complete overview of different deep hole machining operations, from traditional methods to skiving and roller burnishing.

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Video: Deep hole machining of the main shaft

Initial considerations for deep hole machining operations include chip evacuation, surface integrity, diameter tolerance and maintaining hole straightness.

Coolant handling tips

The two basic coolant parameters are pressure and quantity. Different types of coolant pumps, such as gear or screw pumps, may be used during your deep hole machining operations. Learn about other factors to consider when using coolant.

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Video: Eliminating vibration

Machining long components on STS machines can be challenging. Manually adjusting the clamping is not easy when the workpiece is rotating. Learn how to solve this problem with our new vibration dampener.

Learn how to machine oil and gas components

Machining oil and gas components is getting more advanced, with more exotic materials being used in the components, such as inconel and super-duplex. Want the best solutions for this industry? Get lots of useful tips here.

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