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Face milling

If you need a face milling tool to efficiently machine flat surfaces, look no further. From heavy duty roughing in tough conditions to the final finishing required for high-quality surfaces, we have the face milling cutter to get the job done.

How to get the best machining results

Choose your cutter style

45°, 90° or round insert cutters – there are several different cutter styles to suit your specific application and production needs.

Milling Calculator

The Milling Calculator includes machining and cost calculations. You can even compare two different solutions to see the effect of changing cutting parameters.

Finishing with wiper inserts

Wiper inserts work best at a high feed per revolution (fn) in larger diameter cutters with extra-close pitch and setting facilities.

Remove more metal faster

Although the depth of cut is limited, the extreme feed makes high-feed face milling highly productive.

Heavy duty face milling tips

Because of the tough conditions common in heavy duty milling, getting the right angle to a cut is often critical. Learn more about the best techniques and tools for this type of milling.

Power and torque calculator

Add machine data and receive power and torque figures for your CoroMill® face milling cutter. Both metric and inch versions are available.

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