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Internal turning

Do you struggle with long overhangs or have trouble evacuating chips in your internal turning operations? Our assortment, including high-precision coolant, CoroTurn® SL modularity and Silent Tools™ damped boring bars, has the perfect tool for your task.

How to get the best machining results

Whether it’s calculating your start values, finding a solution to your machining challenges or optimizing the settings for maximized performance – take our shortcut to successful turning.


Suffering from poor chip control or surfaces that look “hairy”? You’re not alone! Check out our solutions to the most common turning problems.

Application tips for internal turning

Single-cut grooving, roughing wide grooves or finishing turning all demand different tools and methods.

Control chips and temperature

To achieve good component quality, cutting fluid and coolant are essential.

Minimize vibration with Silent Tools™

You can’t avoid vibration entirely in metal cutting operations, but there are several ways to reduce it. This application guide will help you achieve productive machining with minimized vibration.

App: The Turning Calculator

The Turning Calculator app helps you calculate machining and costs. You can even compare two different solutions to see the effect of changed cutting parameters.

Build your own modular tool

Tool Builder helps you quickly find the right combination of cutting tool and adaptor. Simply select your application and machine interface.

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