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Machining centres

How to get the best machining results

Which spindle to use?

Spindle interfaces have undergone many changes as machines have evolved. To help you choose the right spindle, we have compiled an overview how spindles have developed, as well as our spindle recommendations based on machine type.

Selecting the right chuck

Need help deciding which chuck is best suited to your job? Read our overview of the different types of chucks, including the new generation of hydraulic chucks, and our recommendations on how to get the most out of them.

Knowledge through e-learning

Want to know how to improve productivity and use the tools? Learn the fundamentals in metal cutting by using our e-learning programme.

Small to medium machining centres

What is the best way to configure your small or medium-sized machining centre? Depending on the component geometry and quantity produced, we offer a number of tips to help you succeed.

Large machining centres

Modern machining centres have changed a lot over the years to handle a wide variety of components and operations, such as milling, drilling, boring and tapping. Read our tips on how to best configure your large machining centre for your specific tasks.

How much can you save?

If you want to calculate your return on investment, or find out how you can maximize your earnings, our productivity calculators will give you the answers you need.

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